Port St. Lucie, Florida 34983

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⬇️ We Do Not Remove ⬇️

🚫 We don't remove most liquids

- Large amounts of Yard Waste
- Cars, Boats, Motorcycles, ATV's, RV's & Trailers
- Fire Extinguishers - Helium "Party Balloon" Tanks  - Automotive Fluids - Kerosene, Lamp Oil, Lighter Fluid - Oil-Based Paints & Stains - Paint Thinners & Solvents  - Pool & Spa Chemicals

Items marked with 🚫 are NOT PERMITTED AT THE LANDFILL. 🚫 Asbestos🚫 Cooking Oil  πŸš« Medication - (Contact the Sheriff’s Office)🚫 X-Rays🚫 Business-Generated Hazardous Waste🚫 Radioactive Waste (Smoke Alarms/Detectors)🚫 Ammunition, Explosives, Fireworks, Flares🚫 Sharps/Needles - (Contact the Health Dept.)

🏠 Residents of St. Lucie County may bring acceptable Household Hazardous Waste to the Solid Waste Baling & Recycling Facility for proper disposal FREE of charge in a personal vehicle. Remember Florida state law limits you to 5 gallons or 100 pounds maximum per visit... Got more?  Make 2 trips or bring 2 cars.
🏒 Businesses must contact a licensed hazardous waste handler for disposal.
⚠️ Hazardous products may have "caution," "danger," "flammable," "poison," or "toxic" on the label.  Do NOT put unused products in your garbage or recycling carts, or pour them into a drain or on the ground.
 πŸ–ŒοΈ Latex Paint is water-based and not considered hazardous, but it MUST be completely dried to a solid before disposing of in with household garbage.  

This items we Do Not Remove.

This items we Do Not Remove.